DINO DINOSAURNEWS - Tip aids in recovery of stolen fossils * Discovery in Shandong

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Subject: DINOSAURNEWS - Tip aids in recovery of stolen fossils * Discovery in
Shandong * New Thinking in Wyoming * Fired Dinosaur Eggs? *  Open House
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Welcome to this edition of  DINOSAURNEWS.  The FREE international Dinosaur
webzine read in more than 80 countries each week.

This Week's Headlines (For the FULL STORY visit the NEWS section of the
webzine at this address: http://www.dinosaurnews.org )

**  Tip aids in recovery of stolen fossils
The Tyrannosaurus rex claw and tooth were returned to the Brazosport Museum
of Natural Science on Wednesday after they were recovered the previous day
from a home in Pasadena

**  Ancient dinosaur fossils discovered in Shandong
Eight fossilized dinosaur eggs and a piece of limb bone were discovered at a
road construction site in Laiyang City of east China's Shandong Province

**  Baby dinosaur bones finally back along Rocky Mountain Front
Brandvold cradled the carton of baby dinosaurs in her arms as Paoli and
Lahren carried a crate containing a life-sized cast of a maiasaura baby into
Timescale Adventures and Two Medicine Dinosaur Centre in Bynum

**  New Thinking About Middle Jurassic Dinosaurs In Wyoming
Research findings at the Yellow Brick Road Dinosaur Tracksite in the Bighorn
Basin show that 167 million years ago (Middle Jurassic period) dinosaurs
roamed an area of Wyoming that was believed to be underwater


**  T. rex overtakes Inner Harbour!
Dubbed "Peck's Rex," after the Fort Peck, Mont., region where the fossil
skeleton was found, the dinosaur stands in the front window of the addition
nearing completion at the Maryland Science Centre

**  What´s Wrong With This Picture?
"A lot of the baby boomers who work here were inspired to become scientists
because of that mural," says Jacques Gauthier, the Peabody's curator of
vertebrate palaeontology

**  Did sex play a role in dinosaur doom?
If dinosaurs were like modern-day reptiles such as crocodiles, they change
sex based on temperature, David Miller of the University of Leeds in Britain
and colleagues note in a study.

**  Dinosaur fossils arrive at Augustana
Flinging aside rags that still held a hint of Antarctic chill, William
Hammer exposed a greyish rock with a mystery millions of years old

**  Feature Site: The Cape Paterson Claw
The toe bone of the carnivorous dinosaur found by W.H. Ferguson in 1903 near
Cape Paterson, South Gippsland, Australia

**  II Latin American Congress of Vertebrate Palaeontology

**  Dinosaur Research Institute and Cooley & Co. Open House

**  Visit the DINOSAURNEWS News Archive - stories from the past fortnight
now filed online

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