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Robber * Ancient Moulting * Virtually Digging Up TRex * CT Scan Reveals Jane's 
Welcome to this edition of  DINOSAURNEWS.  The FREE international Dinosaur
webzine read in more than 80 countries each week.

This Week's Headlines (For the FULL STORY visit the NEWS section of the
webzine at this address: http://www.dinosaurnews.org )

**  Ohio Museum's 20 Dinosaur Skeletons Arrive Unassembled
When officials at COSI Columbus unpacked the bubble-wrapped bones of what is
to be the largest exhibit of Chinese dinosaurs ever to go on display in
North America, they didn't find any assembly instructions

**  Dinosaur day draws fans for fossils, fun
While most people might not associate Marlboro with dinosaurs, a number of
fossils that indicate the one-time presence of the long-extinct reptiles
have been found in the community, according to Dr. Paul Kovalski, a former
township councilman who is an amateur fossil collector

**  Not Dinosaurs But: Plesiosaur remains found west of Pueblo
The Fonsecas are seeking help from palaeontologists to remove the bones from
the ground and preserve them

**  CT scan reveals Jane's past
For the past month, two dinosaur-friendly radiologists and a technician have
been taking pictures of Jane's bones on the same
doughnut-with-a-conveyor-belt machine that scans humans


**  Naturally historic
It has added display cases to show off collections of fossils, dinosaur
eggs, and replicas of the dinosaurs found locally and beyond and background
graphics that depict the local ecology of that time

**  Finger bone, details give dino display its edge
"There are bigger ones, and more complete ones, but there aren't any that
have as much cool stuff as this one has," said Todd Hoelmer, a free-lance
dinosaur buff who spent the last two years preparing the 70-million-year-old
fossil for public consumption

**  Meat-eating dinosaur found in Alberta
Philip Currie, head of dinosaur research at the Royal Tyrrell Museum, named
the creature Atrociraptor marshalli, or savage robber

**  Ancient arthropod caught moulting
Canadian scientists have found a fossil of a 500 million year old arthropod
caught in the process of shedding its hard shell

**  Dinosaurs invade Vernal: Jurassic replicas parade downtown en route to
new home
Hundreds lined the street in the eastern Utah town to mark the rare
occasion, a precursor to the May 22 grand opening of Vernal's Utah Field
House of Natural History State Park Museum

**  Digging Up T rex
For the first time ever, the whole world is invited to a Tyrannosaurus rex
excavation - virtually, that is

**  Visit the DINOSAURNEWS News Archive - stories from the past fortnight
now filed online

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