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Choreographies of Migration: Dance and Immigration Conference
Deadline:  proposals must be received by February 1, 2007

To celebrate the 40th  anniversary of the Congress on Research in Dance and
the centennial of José  Limón (1908 - 1972), CORD in partnership with Barnard
College and the Limón  Institute will host a conference titled
"Choreographies of Migration" in New  York City on November 8 - 11, 2007. The
interdisciplinary conference aims to  gather scholars and artists to explore
dance's past, present and future  through the critical prism of migration.

The Conference Program Committee  invites proposals for individual papers,
panels, lecture-demonstrations and  workshops on all aspects of the
performing arts, especially those that  engage questions related to the
conference theme: How has migration shaped  the course of dance history? What
are the methodological and theoretical  implications of migration studies for
dance research? How do particular  dance styles embody migratory histories?
How has migration transformed the  pedagogy and performance of traditional
dance forms? What are the particular  histories of networks of teachers,
artists, and critics that constitute "the  dance world"? What could dance
reveal about the experiences and conditions  of immigration, diaspora, exile,
detention, globalization, displacement, and  other forms of social

Possible topics include  historical, ethnographic and/or theoretical studies

global  migrations of social, theatrical, sacred dance, and/or theatrical
dance and the exilic memory
new research on ancient  migrations
immigration policy and the arts
migratory rituals and border  performances
transnational or "world" music and dance forms

The  conference will take the occasion of José Limón's centennial to reflect
on  the ways that immigrant experiences shaped dance modernism in the US and
abroad. As such, we especially invite proposals that explore the impact of
immigration on the life and work of artists such as José Limón, George
Balanchine, Eiko & Koma, Garth Fagan, Geoffrey Holder, Hanya Holm,  Rudolf
Laban, Vaslav Nijinksky, Pearl Primus, and Yuriko, among many  others.

For complete submission guidelines and forms see the conference  website:

Individual Papers should not  exceed 20 minutes for presentation. (There will
be an additional 10 minutes  for questions, comments, and responses.) Submit
a 500 word abstract of the  paper, its argument, and a statement of method
and/or a brief bibliography.  Graduate students who wish to be considered for
the Graduate Research Award  should submit a full-length paper in addition to
an abstract.
Panels  consisting of three individual presenters may be proposed. Submit a
250 word  description of the panel and individual paper proposals-as
described  above-for each presenter. Please send panel proposals  together.

Lecture-Demonstrations or Workshops may run from 45 to 90  minutes. Submit a
500 word abstract describing the topic and organization of  the session.
Also, clearly state the requirements for space, time,  audio-visual
equipment, and/or appropriate attire for  participants.

For all Proposals
All proposals must be accompanied by a  submission form. (See website for
downloadable submission form.) Do not  include the name of the author(s)
within the abstract's  text.

Proposals sent via e-mail are preferred. If submitting by e-mail,  please
download the submission form from the conference website and send  your
proposal as a Word document to: dance@xxxxxxxxxxxx Please include your  last
name in the Subject Heading of the e-mail. The text should be attached  and
pasted in the body of the e-mail to assure access. Faxes will not be

If submitting by regular mail, please send six copies of  proposal and
submission form to: Conference Program Committee, Department of  Dance,
Barnard College, 3009 Broadway, New York, NY 10027.

Queries  may be `addressed by e-mail to dance@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Paul Scolieri
Barnard  College
Columbia University
3009 Broadway
New York, NY  10027-6598

Email: dance@xxxxxxxxxxx
Visit the website at  http://www.cordance.org

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