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Child Research Net Newsletter February 28, 2003

Let us hear your thoughts in Let's Talk!, a bbs for discussing issues on 
children and education.

Archive of CRN Home Page Topics for Discussion

New Perspectives, New Ideas; Part 1: Outside -> In
Hillel Weintraub, Future University - Hakodate
Recently at our university we've had a number of visiting researchers or 
guests. Bringing new people into an existing situation seems like a simple 
action, and it's easy to overlook the value of doing this. But it seems to me 
to be of great importance to bring people from the outside into your daily 
space (outside -> in). On the other hand, many important things can result from 
people moving from their immediate space to the outside world (inside -> out). 
 I'd like to focus on the first of these in this month's contribution to 
"What's New?" (Continued in the website)

Drugs and Children
Miya Omori, Ed.D

Recently, in the United States, there has been increased attention paid to the 
drug use among youth.  Unfortunately, in Japan, drug use is on the rise and it 
seems there is much "buzz" around the topic, including much news coverage. 
 However, no real solutions or strategies have been formulated to counteract 
the increase in drug use among Japanese youth. (Continued in the website)

Children's Voices and Global Citizenship Education in England
Hiromi Yamashita, Centre for International Education and Research (CIER), UK

This is the 'Year of Citizenship' for English schools. Citizenship education is 
now 'compulsory' in secondary schools and 'recommended' in primary schools. 
Teachers are now expected to teach about controversial global issues. 
(Continued in the website)
Key Issues - Study Room on Child Science

Study Room on Child Science has newly opened. This study session provides an 
opportunity for people in various fields to come together and think about how 
childcare and education will change in the future.

Cybrary - Articles by CRN Advisory Board Members

"A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A YOUNG LEANER: A 2020 VISION" contributed by Milton 
Chen, Executive Director of The George Lucas Educational Foundation and Stephen 
D. Arnold, Vice Chair of The George Lucas Educational Foundation has been 

Cybrary - Brown University Child and Adolescent Behavior Letter

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is commonly associated with chronic 
and serious aggressive behavior in children and adolescents, Canadian 
researchers reported recently.

Links - Editor's Picks

This month's Editor's Picks recommends "Edutopia online" which is organized by 
The George Lucas Educational Foundation. It introduces valiant new educational 
attempts in the United States.

Cybrary - Educational Visions

"Some Reflections on Education for Citizenship and Teaching of Democracy" by 
Margot Brown of Centre for Global Education, UK, has been posted .The article 
introduces citizenship education in England.

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