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Canku Ota (Many Paths)</A>
An Online Newsletter Celebrating Native America
March 8, 2003 - Issue 82

"A Warrior is challenged to assume responsibility, practice humility, and
display the power of giving, and then center his or her life around a core of
spirituality. I challenge today's youth to live like a warrior."
~Billy Mills~
We Salute
Wings of America

The Wings of America all-Indian junior men’s and women’s teams captured 1st
and 3rd places respectively at the USA Winter National Cross Country
Championships held in Houston, Texas, February 15-16.
We introduce another of our regular contributors ... Suzanne Westerley.
Suzanne is a freelance photojournalist. She reports on health, education,
gaming, and business conferences, art shows, music award shows, art award
shows primarily in the southwest including Arizona, New Mexico and California.
Hey Kids! Enter the new Easter Bovine Illustrating Contest!

Would you like to enter a new illustrating contest? Read the Easter Bovine
story and draw what you think each or all of the characters from the story
look like. Illustrate them in action or just simply as a standing portrait.
Jimmy Wolf

ROME, N.Y. - Guitar string suppliers have to smile when they hear that a new
Jimmy Wolf album is in the works. The poignant blues rocker must go through
plenty of string when he wrenches a new tune out of his guitars.

Wolf's latest album, "Mohawk Stomp" is certainly no exception. The Turtle
Clan Mohawk tortures his Gretch, Silver Jet and Gibson SG into providing both
lead and bass lines simultaneously. Wolf also plays drums, harmonica and
sings his own songs. He wrote 10 of the 13 tracks on "Mohawk Stomp" and got
help on "Indian Hawk" from his young daughter Hannah.
Sioux returning to the Plains

KYLE, S.D. – During a sunset in the Badlands, 10 buffalo work their way
through the landscape of elephant-hide rock toward a creek for the night.
>From a ridge high above them, they look like big black shadows in the
cinnamon half light, moving silently among the trees.
Thunderhawk - The Great Cross Country Adventure - Part 4
by Geoff Hampton

Writer Geoff Hampton shares this story that should delight both young and old.
C.H. Cooke's Diary Written in 1868, Tells of the Logging War, Beef Slough
Versus Eau Claire.
submitted by Timm Severud (Ondamitag)

This is the conclusion of C.H. Cooke's diary account of a trip up the
Chippewa River in the spring of 1868. It was something of a feeling of regret
that we began our homeward journey. Headed down stream with the current we
traveled rapidly. At noon we halted to stretch ourselves at an Indian camp of
four teepees, two of birch bark and two of canvas.
Health and Wellness
by Geoff Hampton

At a recent Childhood Obesity Conference that I attended here is San Diego,
Dr. Richard Carmona, The US Surgeon General declared the state of obesity in
our country as the number one cause of preventable death, surpassing even
smoking. He went on to say that the state of obesity is actually "A threat to
national security". Its time for all of us to get involved!
REZ-ROBICS For Couch Potato Skins Will Have You Laughing and Moving More Than
Just Your Fork
by Suzanne Westerley

Yes, it's been a long wait since you were first told about the Rez-Robics
videos in early 2001. Well, the wait is over, and you'll be impressed by the
high quality of the videos that producers Pam Belgarde and Gary Rhine (and
friends) created on a very tight budget.
Hopi High Team Wins Academic Decathlon Awards

Polacca — Hopi High School’s Academic Deacathlon team took first place in
the Superquiz Category at the Kingman Invitational Jan. 11.

Academic Decathlon has students competing in seven different subject areas.
The Superquiz asks questions in all subject areas, but has one major theme
each year. The theme this year was Oceanography.
Wanted: More Native American Students

DURHAM -- Her back erect and head held high, Samantha Locklear will pay
homage to her ancestors Saturday when she dances in her high school
gymnasium, moving slowly and steadily to the beat of a drum.
Teacher Seeking Teachers

Faced with a foreign culture, harsh winters, and in some cases a lack of
basic necessities, many Lower 48 teachers who accept jobs in rural Alaska
don't make it more than a year.
Teacher Certification Program Will Strengthen Tribal Cultural Heritage, Add
to State Cultural Resources

PULLMAN, Wash. -- Creation of a pilot program to certify state of Washington
tribal language and culture teachers will strengthen the cultural heritage of
tribes and add to the cultural resources of the state, said a Washington
State University official.
Traditional Cheyenne Leaders Fix Modern Problem

LAME DEER -- Traditional chiefs and warrior society leaders of the Northern
Cheyenne Tribe came to the rescue of their tribe Thursday night.

A lingering dispute between the tribe's elected council and president
escalated Thursday morning. Tribal President Geri Small, who was suspended
without pay two weeks ago, obtained a court order to resume power.
Oneidas' History Unearthed

"It's like reclaiming my past," says Oneida Nation Bear Clan member Brian
Patterson of an archaeological "dig" held in partnership with Colgate
University to uncover traces of the Oneida Indians' past.

"It's something tangible for our people," he says, "It is representative of
both the past and present."
Young Chippewas Learn To Make Shoes Old-Fashioned Way

SUGAR ISLAND -- Even though modern snowshoes are readily available, the Sault
Ste. Marie tribe of Chippewa Indians still teaches the traditional way of
walking on snow.

Young Chippewas learn how to make wooden snowshoes at the tribe's Culture
Camp, where age-old lessons are taught on weekends.
Separate Aboriginal Schools May Come To Yukon

WHITEHORSE - A First Nations educator says separate schools for native
children in Yukon are a real possibility.

Colleen Joe, the manager of Education, Employment and Training with the
Champagne and Aishihik First Nation, says Yukon's aboriginal people are
extremely frustrated with the public school system.
Don't Eat the Moose Until You Catch Him
submitted by Timm Severud (Ondamitag)

This trip to a country where moose were then plentiful brings to mind a short
story of the attempted capture of one of these animals on Chequamegon Bay.
Quite early in the forties, I think it was in '43, there lived on the banks
of Fish Creek, a small stream which empties into the head of Chequamegon Bay,
near the present city of Ashland, Wisconsin, and Indian named Da-cose and his
wife. They were childless and lived apart from the Chippewa tribe, to which
he belonged, by reason of his eccentric nature.
Jean Brunet Devoted Life to Chippewa Valley
submitted by Timm Severud (Ondamitag)

If the question were asked who was the most noteworthy person in the early
history of the Chippewa Valley probably the first place would be given to the
name of Jean Brunet. This being the case, there is nothing approaching a
biography of the man had never been recorded. In the entire list of
publications of the Wisconsin State Historical Society there is to be found
only some ten references, mostly brief and disconnected, pertaining to this
interesting character.
National Congress of American Indians Receives $25,000 Contribution from
Nike, Inc. to Help Fund the Intern and Fellowship Program

WASHINGTON, D.C. -The nation's oldest, largest and most representative
American Indian and Alaska Native advocacy organization in the United States,
the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), today announced it had
received a $25,000 contribution from Nike to help fund its intern and
fellowship program.
College Provides Cultural Education and Hope to American Indians

Since the first tribal college opened its doors in 1968, thousands of
American Indian students have earned degrees without leaving their
reservations… in surroundings rich in their cultural heritage. Now, one of
the 33 tribal institutions is moving beyond its own borders in an attempt to
educate other Indigenous people around the world. Jim Kent has the story of
the Indigenous People's World University and the tribal leaders from the
South Dakota Lakota Sioux and the New Zealand Maori who are working together
to make this global educational network a reality.
Little Feather, Laughing Bear

Little Feather is an inspiration to Mountain Avenue Elementary School
fourth-grader Ashley Brines. Ashley heard the story of Little Feather at an
assembly Wednesday that taught students about Native American history and
culture. Presenter Kiyomi Ortega, who uses the name Running Deer in
performances, told the story of the 10-year-old boy who brought prosperity
back to his famine-torn people, against many odds.
The Game of "Peone"

"Peone" is a highly competitive game of complex strategy, skill and calculation.

It is played with eight players - four on each side, with an additional man
or woman to act as umpire (Koymi). The two sides are usually made up of male
or female players from different tribes or bands. The object of the game is
for one side to win all the tally sticks.
NABI 2003 Announces Sponsorships
Supporting Young Native American Athletes To Reach Their Goals!

Phoenix, AZ - March 4, 2003 - The Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Mercury have
agreed to sponsor the Native American Basketball Invitational tournament for
Native American high school students July 11-13 in America West Arena.
New Project puts Live Trout in 12 Schools

PABLO -- Teen-aged students up and down the reservation are studying
fisheries biology in their science classes, thanks to the Tribes' Natural
Resources Dept. and Salish Kootenai College.
Girls Lakota Nation Invitational Filled With Thrills

RAPID CITY, S.D. - The boys may have drawn the larger crowds for their
tournament but the Girls Lakota Nation Invitational brought about some
thrilling basketball.

The Champions, Red Cloud Lady Crusaders won the title and the trophy by using
determination and a not-give-up attitude to defeat a skilled but scrappy Hill
City Ranger’s team 50-39.
Sho-Ban Chiefs: District Champions

FIRTH — The Sho-Ban Chiefs achieved their goal of again winning the 1A Rocky
Mountain Conference 5/6 District championship Tuesday night as they defeated
the Mackay Miners 72 to 70 at Firth High School.

The next goal is to return to state and play as a different team. “This was
our goal and that was to repeat winning the district title,” said Chiefs
Coach Merle Smith.
This Date In History
Recipe: Seafood Lagniappe
Story: The Race Between the Hummingbird and the Crane
What is this: Whooping Crane
Craft Project: Scrimshaw
This Issue's Web sites  
"OPPORTUNITIES" is gathered from sources distributed nationally and includes
scholarships, grants, internships, fellowships, and career opportunities as
well as announcements for conferences, workshops and symposia.
Canku Ota is a free Newsletter celebrating Native America, its traditions and
accomplishments . We do not provide subscriber or visitor names to anyone.
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appearing here is distributed without profit or monetary gain to those who
have expressed an interest. This is in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C.
section 107.  
Canku Ota is a copyright © 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 of Vicki Lockard and Paul
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