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Canku Ota (Many Paths)
An Online Newsletter Celebrating Native America

Find Resources for African American Black Vernacular,
Creole, Patois, A pidgin is a new language which develops
in situations where speakers of different languages need to
communicate but don't share a common language.
February 8, 2003 - Issue 80
"Remember to live a good life, and do good things with each day that you are
given. Help each other and encourage each other to be good people. "
~Joseph Flying Bye~
We Salute
We introduce another of our regular contributors ... Timm Severud (aka
Ondamitag). Timm researches the history and natural history of northwestern
Wisconsin. In the past, you have seen his articles about "Float Copper,"
"Birch Bark Scrolls," "Pipestone Quarries," "Menominie Forestries," and
numerous articles relating to the history of his home area.
Joseph Flying Bye

Joseph Flying Bye - Kangi Hotanka was a pejuta wicasa (medicine man), akicita
(decorated war veteran), and wakan wicasa (holy man or spiritual healer) from
the Hunkpapa tribe of the Lakota / Sioux Nation on the Standing Rock
Cherokee Nation Gives More Than $1.2 to Public Schools

The Cherokee Nation announced the distribution of more than $1.2 million to
public schools in the Tribe's 14 county jurisdictional area.
Thunderhawk - The Great Cross Country Adventure - Part 3
by Geoff Hampton

Writer Geoff Hampton shares this story that should delight both young and old.
Dairy of C. H. Cooke on a Canoe Trip up the Chippewa River in the Spring of
submitted by Timm Severud (Ondamitag)

The diary kept by C.H. Cooke of Mondovi during a canoe trip made by himself,
George Sutherland, and Captain Shadrach A. Hall, principle of the Old Eau
Claire Wesleyan Academy, up the Chippewa River in the spring of 1868, gives a
detailed picture of valley and its life at that period not duplicated by
other writing known to exist. The third installment will appear soon.
Explorer's Club: Science Program for Reservation Children

Explorer's Clubs are on four reservations in San Diego County: Pala, Jamul,
Campo, La Jolla. The purposes of this free monthly program are many: nourish
interest in love of outdoors, introduction to outdoors science as a career,
share the values that protect the earth, and to provide outdoors scientists
as role models. The program is the brainchild of Dr. Eleanora (Norrie)
Robbins, a geologist who retired in 2001 from the U.S. Geological Survey
(USGS) in the Washington, DC area. She is now adjunct faculty at San Diego
State University.
Baker Lake Youth Gets Bitten by Travel Bug

Baker Lake (Jan 29/03) - Participation in the Nunavut Youth Abroad program
this past summer created an appetite for all things fresh and new for Nadia
Aaruaq of Baker Lake.
Learning that the Sky's the Limit

Astronaut John Bennett Herrington shared the power of possibilities with
nearly 1,000 students at Chief Leschi Schools on Friday.
Uplifting Success, Burning Failure

We were gathered on Friday evening, January 27, 1967 at the Mousetrap in
Cocoa Beach, a favorite watering hole for Cape Canaveral personnel. The TGIF
crowd noise was deafening. Everyone but me seemed to be ignoring the
television behind the bar. I could see news that looked like trouble at the
Cape, so I asked the bartender to turn up the volume. Soon the crowd began to
notice the broadcast, and the Mousetrap hushed as everyone gathered to watch
the announcement.
Blackfeet Tribe Immerses Students in Language to Counter 'Manifest Destiny'

"Tsa nii ksistikowatts sa-ahsi?" teacher Shirley Crowshoe asks her class of
elementary students sitting in a circle on a thick rug in a bright, modern
classroom. "What kind of day is it outside?"
Mohegans Revive Heritage Through Language

Despite the fact that Bruce Bozsum grew up in Montville, where his family has
lived for hundreds of years, as a teen-ager Bozsum took only a limited
interest in his Mohegan heritage. It was easier to pass as white.
Indigenous Peoples of Alaska

I want to tell a story of the Indigenous Peoples of Alaska. It is a story
seldom told, yet needs to be heard. The survival of Indigenous Peoples and
the future of mankind depend upon stories such as this reaching the leaders
and youth of the world.
Alaska Native Heritage Center and Bridge Builders Celebrate Diversity in

The Alaska Native Heritage Center (ANHC) has joined with Bridge Builders to
celebrate diversity and community on Saturday, February 1, 2003 from 12PM to
5PM at the ANHC. This is one of the continuing series of Celebrating Culture
Saturdays sponsored by BP.
Woven in Tradition

FARMINGTON For decades the white man's civilization has tried to break the
spell of silence many Native Americans have regarding their culture and
Choctaw Basketball Coach Experiences Success at the Jr. College Level

When Nick Durant took the Women's Basketball Head Coaching job at Carl Albert
State College five years ago, he knew he was in for a challenge. After all,
the Junior College program had been on a proverbial downslide for a while.

But Durant, who is Choctaw Tribal citizen, was willing to get to work. Durant
knew the price of success would be high, but so could be the rewards.
Keeping a Tradition Afloat

The scene from the shore looking southeast over Agate Passage was something
out of a different century.

With arms and paddles rising, then in unison sinking into the glassy waters
below, about two dozen members of the Suquamish Tribe marked a chapter in an
ongoing return to tradition.
TC High School Hogan Project Nears Completion

As the completion of Tuba City elder Rena George's new hogan is getting
closer, members of the TC community are providing visible proof that
affordable, culturally sensitive, permanent housing is not only possible but
is an extremely doable project that could assist any Indian reservation in
the United States.
Home on the Range for the Buffalo

In the 1870s, buffalo hunting became a popular Kansas tourism magnet,
attracting gun-toting visitors by the trainload, and eventually leading to
the near-extinction of the four-legged beasts on the Great Plains.
Chief Sky, Now Blind and Helpless, Tells Story of "Old Abe," War Eagle

Lac du Flambeau, Wis. - Blind, helpless and tortured by rheumatism, a
wrinkled and picturesque old Indian who helped to make civil history is
rounding out his four score years, awaiting the call of the Great Spirit, in
this little Chippewa village in northern Wisconsin.

He is 'Old Jackson."
Alaska Native Heritage Center Celebrates ELIZABETH PERATROVICH DAY

The Alaska Native Heritage Center is celebrating Elizabeth Peratrovich Day on
Saturday February 15th, 2003 from 12pm to 5pm. Admission is free. The day
will be a celebration of the lives and accomplishments of Elizabeth and Roy
Peratrovich in the arena of civil rights in Alaska. In addition, ANHC will be
honoring Dr. Peter Gordon Gould, Aleut, who was the first Alaska Native
ordained Methodist minister and founder of Alaska Methodist University (AMU),
now known as APU. This is one of the continuing series of Celebrating Culture
Saturdays, sponsored by BP, which presents a unique cultural program each
This Date In History
Recipe: Valentine's Day Treats
Story: Origin Of The Groundhog Dance
What is this: Groundhog
Craft Project: Valentine Crafts
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"OPPORTUNITIES" is gathered from sources distributed nationally and includes
scholarships, grants, internships, fellowships, and career opportunities as
well as announcements for conferences, workshops and symposia.
Canku Ota is a free Newsletter celebrating Native America, its traditions and
accomplishments . We do not provide subscriber or visitor names to anyone.
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received appropriate permissions for republishing any articles. Material
appearing here is distributed without profit or monetary gain to those who
have expressed an interest. This is in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C.
section 107.  
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