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"Canku Ota" (Many Paths)
An Online Newsletter Celebrating Native America
January 11, 2002 - Issue 78
We Salute
David Neito

LAWRENCE, KS -- Lawrence artist David Nieto knows that age doesn't matter
when it comes to art.

The 12-year-old Central Junior High School student is an up-and-comer in the
American Indian art world.
"Native Heroes" Essay Contest Winners!
Harrison Begay

Harrison Begay is a Navajo artist who was born in 1917 at White Cone, near
Keams Canyon, Arizona. This area is high desert, a fairly flat, open, and
barren land. He was raised in a traditional way, residing in a hogan. His
family herded sheep and goats for a living. At Keams Canyon, north of his
home, there was a famous trading post where his family probably traveled to
trade wool for foodstuffs and manufactured goods. However, most of what the
family needed they found or raised on their own land. A trip to the trading
post was a long journey by horse and wagon.
Graham Greene receives Spirit Best Actor Nomination for "Skins"
by Roscoe Pond

Graham Greene has received a Best Actor nomination from the Independent
Spirit Awards for his portrayal of Mogie Yellow Lodge in the film "Skins".
Thunderhawk - The Great Cross Country Adventure - Part 1
by Geoff Hampton
Writer Geoff Hampton shares this story that should delight both young and old.
2002 Mascot Retrospective
by Robert Eurich

The New Hampshire State Board of Education unanimously approved a resolution
calling for local school districts to stop using American Indian sports
Coe-Brown Northwood Academy in Northwood, New Hampshire, dropped its
"Comanche" mascot.
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Hazel Pete Revived Interest in Art of Basket Weaving

When Hazel Pete was born in 1914, in a one-room house on the Chehalis Indian
Reservation, Native American art often took a back seat to survival. Tribe
members say poverty, alcoholism and shame about Indian culture were problems
that overshadowed traditions like basket weaving.
Coleman Keeps Washoe Spirit Alive Through Weaving

Keeping the spirit of the Washoe Indian Tribe alive is what keeps Sue
Coleman’s passion for basket weaving fresh and focused.
Business School to Woo Native American Students

Of all high school graduates across the United States, Native Americans are
among the least likely to get a college or graduate degree. But in Dallas,
Texas, the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University is trying
to counter that trend. As Suzanne Sprague reports, it's launched a new effort
to court Native American students in what's believed to be the first such
program in the nation.
Nike Donates $50,000 to Install Track at Native American School

Indian Reservations haven't been known for their exceptional athletic
facilities, in fact, with most of the education budget cuts the athletic
facilities have been last to be funded. Nike hopes to reverse that trend by
donating $50,000 to help refurbish Sequoyah High School's running track in
Tahlequah, Oklahoma, the capital of the Cherokee Nation. Sequoyah High School
was started by the Cherokee Nation for Cherokee orphans of the Civil War in
Tahlequah Sidewalk Tells Cherokee History

TAHLEQUAH -- Generations of Cherokees have passed down stories and legends
about the tribe's rich history, which has been marked often by tragic events..

Future generations will be able to learn the stories just by walking around
the historic Cherokee Nation Capitol Square in downtown Tahlequah.
Boys and Girls Club Brings Technology to Remote Alaska

The Kenai Peninsula in Alaska is accessible only by plane or ferry. In this
remote area, the main access to the modern world is the Seldovia branch of
the Boys and Girls Club of America.
Morongo Tribe Donates in the Spirit of the Season

CABAZON, Calif. - A few decades ago the Morongo Band of Mission Indians knew
all about charity. During the holiday season local church groups and other
philanthropic organizations would make seemingly routine visits to the
perpetually destitute reservation in the desert east of Los Angeles to bring
holiday food and gifts for the children. Now the Morongos are returning the
good deeds. In the spirit of the season, the tribe donated more than $30,000
to charitable causes in its local community in Riverside County.
Newberry Meeting Looks Into Future of American Indian Studies

CHICAGO - Top-level scholars from around the country will debate the future
of academic American Indian studies at the end of January at this city’s
Newberry Library, home of one of the nation’s major collections of Indian
materials. The meeting will raise pressing issues for these programs at all
levels, such as bringing in Native students and hanging on to them, and
getting mainstream colleges in better touch with tribal communities.
 Hopi High Graduate Ruby Beatty Reigns as Miss Haskell

Polacca — Ruby Beatty, a graduate of Hopi High School, returned home to
Hopiland with the knowledge that she's performing successfully in college.

Beatty, who was known for her basketball prowess at Hopi High, is the
reigning Miss Haskell.
Big Foot Riders Remember Wounded Knee

WOUNDED KNEE, S.D. - In 1968, Birgil Kills Straight had a recurring dream. He
and other community members were envisioning modern people riding horses down
the Big Foot trail in South Dakota. In 1986, Kills Straight decided to make
journey along the trail on horseback to honor the Lakota people who died in
the Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890. Once word of his ride got around, others
asked to join him. Nineteen riders and two support vehicles made that
inaugural trek. Now, over 15 years later, groups of up to 250 riders retrace
the ride of Big Foot and his band. The ride takes about two weeks, ending
around December 29, the anniversary of the massacre.
2003 American Indian Festival of Words Author Award goes to Vine Deloria, Jr..

The American Indian Festival of Words Author Award will be given to Vine
Deloria, Jr. Saturday, March 1, 2003 at 11 a.m. at the Central Library,
second floor, Fourth Street and Denver Avenue

Vine Deloria Jr., a renowned author, historian, scholar, political scientist
and activist, is the winner of the 2003 American Indian Festival of Words
Author Award. Deloria will speak, answer questions and sign autographs at the
award presentation.
  Guidebook 2nd Edition Released on South Dakota's Juvenile Justice System

The South Dakota Coalition for Children has just released the 2nd edition of
its free guidebook for youth and parents on the South Dakota juvenile justice
system. The updated sixteen-page booklet, written by a workgroup of South
Dakota experts, explains youth's rights and how the juvenile justice system
works in South Dakota.
This Date In History
Recipe: Hearty Soups and Stews
Story: How the Redbird Became Red
What is this: Northern Cardinal
Craft Project: Children's Games
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