ADMIN: Summer Vacation - Last Posting - Parting nifty gifties for summer time fun

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Please enjoy my just in time nifty gifty list for
having summer time fun.

See you in September :-)

enjoy, <Karen>

Going somewhere?

The Universal Packing List
Generate a custom packing list for any journey!

Packing Only One Bag

Local Pollen Count

By Plane?

Vaisala Real-Time Lightning Track (U.S.)
Based on real-time measurements from the U.S. National Lightning
Detection Network. Additional functionality available for a fee.

Flight Delay Information -- Air Traffic Control System Command Center
View by region, airport, or search by airport name. A text-only
version is available. A database of past advisories is also online.
A wireless version of real-time flight delay info from the FAA is
also available at this URL.

By Car?

Find the Cheapest Gas Where you Live

XM Song Tracker
XM Satellite Radio database find out what's playing.
aggregates video content from a large number of sources

Newsbeats from Reuters Labs
Reuters Newsbeats blend music and news in a new media form
direct to browser or podcasts to your MP3 player.

By Foot or Bike

TrailRunner is a route planning software
for all kinds of long distance sports like running,
biking, hiking, inline-skating, skiing and more.
TrailRunner can calculate a route for your
desired distance and export directions onto your iPod,
giving you a detailed orientation while you are on your way.

In Your Neighborhood?

Urban Playgrounds, Guidlines for accessible playgrounds.

Play Is Important.
Fun Learning Games - play's the thing: research shows learn the
importance of laughter and play to avoid teenage depression and burn out.

Summer Playground Activity - Bring the Cell Phone
Record the kids, hear it on the net.
National Children's Folksong Repository Project
An historic electronic online archive of children's folk songs.
A public folklore project built by the children of the United States
and territories.
Children pick up the Phone and SING OR CHANT (SAY) THEIR SONG.

CyberPlayGround and reasons to play here.

Cool end-of-year activities that combine fun and learning.
Find great ideas for the LAST DAYS OF SCHOOL.

Get out of the heat and learn to swim.
Find a swimming pool near you.

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