£10,000 statue of dinosaur droppings

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From: "Roger Smith" <jollyroger@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: =A310,000 statue of dinosaur droppings * Baby Dinosaur i
         n Mammal's Belly *  X-Ray Equipment Examinez Dinosaur Skul
         l * Footprints Moulded In Kerman * Breakfast Preview
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2005 18:04:01 +1300

Welcome to this edition of DINOSAURNEWS -  the international Dinosaur
Webzine with bite!

This Week's Headlines: (For the FULL STORY visit the NEWS section of the
webzine at this address: http://www.dinosaurnews.org )

**  Village celebrates its past with =A310,000 statue of dinosaur droppings
A village has selected the monument it feels best captures the essence of
its rich and varied past - a 5ft statue of a pile of poo

**  Fossil shows baby dinosaur in mammal's belly
Villagers digging in China's rich fossil beds have uncovered the preserved
remains of a tiny dinosaur in the belly of a mammal, a startling discovery
for scientists who have long believed early mammals couldn't possibly attack
and eat a dinosaur

**  Not Dinosaurs But: Sound-wave research off Yucatan is disputed
Scientists working off the Yucatan Peninsula are preparing to use sound
waves to search for information about an asteroid that may have wiped out
the dinosaurs 65 million years ago

**  NASA Uses High-Tech X-Ray Equipment to Examine Dinosaur Skull
As NASA charts a bold new course into the future, the space agency is
briefly taking a step back in time to examine a dinosaur skull

**  Research findings of the "Jida Pterosaur" on display
The study of the pterosaur fossil was completed by a task group headed by
part-time professor of Jilin University Dong Zhiming, who is also a renowned
expert on dinosaur research and a researcher with the Research Institute of
Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

**  When dinosaurs roamed the earth
A life-size model of Dilophosaurus sits near the footprints and in front of
a mural of what it might have looked like in the area hundreds of millions
of years ago

**  Dinosaur Footprints Molded In Kerman
In a special project aimed at extending paleontological studies, Iranian
paleontologists will identify and mould dinosaur footprints in cooperation
with Iran's Natural History museum

**  Other Fossil News: "Tusks! Ice Age Mammoths and Mastodons" Provides
Chills for Museum Guests
 >From 15 million years ago until the end of the last ice age, some 10,000
years ago, elephants and their relatives (Proboscideans) inhabited parts of
the prehistoric United States.

**  Identification Request from a reader
During our recent fieldwork in the District-Bilsapur, Himachal Pradesh,
India we have found a colony of suspected vertebrate fossils in the Lower
Siwalik Formation

**  Pangea is pleased to announce its first Peace River expedition of 2005!
They will be hosting their popular Fossil Float at the Peace River
Campground in Arcadia, Florida on January 21 through 23, 2005.

**  Dinosaurs from China - Breakfast Preview - Melbourne Museum
Dr John Long, Head of Sciences with Museum Victoria will be on hand to
discuss aspects of the exhibition


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