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Hi all,

Well, the Jupiter Newsletter has come of age.

It is now hosted on a dedicated mailing list site 
(http://www.freelists.org).  This makes it easier for me to manage so that 
I can concentrate on producing the content rather than dealing with the 
mechanics of distribution.

I hope you like it.

Today, there are two important issues to deal with, so let's jump straight in.


There has been an issue with the Firefox web browser recently, where a 
potential security flaw has been discovered.  If you are using Firefox, 
then you should upgrade to version 1.04 as soon as you can.  Surf over to 
http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/ where you will find the latest 
version available.


Phishing attacks, where you receive an e-mail pretending to be from your 
bank, are on the increase.
I have received 5 seperate phishing e-mails this week, and I have to say, 
they look very convincing.

It is important to remember that no reputable bank will ever send an e-mail 
asking you for personal details.  If you receive one, then delete it 
immediately.  Do not click on the links, even if they look OK.  They always 
do!  However, you will be redirected to a bogus website, and often these 
websites install keylogging software on your computer without your 
knowledge.  It is then a simple matter for your own computer to send your 
personal details, passwords or other information to the owners of the bogus 

This software is not too different to that which was used in the recent 
attempt to defraud the Sumitomo bank.

So, beware.  Everybody is vulnerable, and software is totally 
non-discriminatory.  It does not mind if you are an individual or a large 
organisation.  If you can be defrauded, then you are at risk.

As usual, if you want to contact me, then you can reply to this message (I 
will receive it), or you can contact me via http://www.jup-it-er.co.uk.

Best wishes,



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