[junojames] Re: MegaMail?

  • From: Bob in Jersey <bob.in.jersey@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: junojames@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2006 21:36:17 EDT

On Sat, 17 Jun 2006 23:56:12 GMT, lamigra2 replied to me:
> Wow, I hadn't seen any traffic on this list in so long I had to
> google it to see if it existed.  It does, but yours is the first
> traffic since 2004!

I was afraid of that.  I had been on Juno_accmail, which has also
faded into obscurity, until the merger forming United Online.

> I am using free juno, but haven't used dialup for (literally)
> years, but I never terminated the account I was using before I
> went to  satellite.

It could be because we still have v4.  Do I take it you use v5?  I
resisted upgrading to that for the longest time, only because I
didn't believe it was crash-proof.  We could do it now, as neither
of us have reason to export any folders to portable media anymore.
We backup our current mail folders daily, so it wouldn't be a

> Tell your father to go to www.juno.com and see if he can't
> activate an address that way.  I don't pay any attention to what
> it says there, but I _think_ it can be done.

I'm way ahead of you.  Their techs have repeatedly told us that the
v4 works over a network, yet occasionally they also remind us that
the 2004 changes require purchasing one of the paid services.

http://www.juno.com/support/email/jn/misc-check-lan.html is the
page that most closely describes our situation; it does not talk at
all about having to also be in the paid services, but it does
ASS-ume the use of v5.

Dad said that he explained to the person at the cancel-account toll-
free number that he would be using DSL, and that said person tried
to sell him the MegaMail.  I am going to hunt for a billing-support
phone number he can call, hopefully to sort this out.  I can not
understand how we have to use Webmail or MegaMail.

> If that fails, there are plenty of alternatives, the only problem 
> being that he'd have to rebuild his address book.

He's already had to do that, at least to an extent, on the Verizon
side.  Happily Juno's AB is text, so I could show him a slightly
easier way, but then he'd gretz and moan about how he thinks that I
think he's some kind of dummy.

> I have no idea about what Megamail requires as far as access, but 
> I'd think JUNO would allow him to "bring his own ISP", just as AOL
> does.

It technically does, but whether the addition of MegaMail is legit,
is still a valid question.


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