[junojames] Re: MegaMail?

  • From: "lamigra2@xxxxxxxx" <lamigra2@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: junojames@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2006 23:56:12 GMT

Wow, I hadn't seen any traffic on this list in so long I had to google
it to see if it existed.  It does, but yours is the first traffic since

I am using free juno, but haven't used dialup for (literally) years,
but I never terminated the account I was using before I went to satellite.

Tell your father to go to www.juno.com and see if he can't activate an
address that way.  I don't pay any attention to what it says there, but
I _think_ it can be done.

If that fails, there are plenty of alternatives, the only problem being
that he'd have to rebuild his address book.

I have no idea about what Megamail requires as far as access, but I'd
think JUNO would allow him to "bring his own ISP", just as AOL does.

-- Bob in Jersey <bob.in.jersey@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

My father and I just switched from Juno to Verizon DSL.

He is now stuck, as he cancelled his dialup access on the 12th and his
billing cycle ended thr 17th.

He wants to continue to use Juno for e-mail only, but was told that at
the very least he'd have to join MegaMail.

Doesn't MegaMail require that (1) we have to be able to dial up to Juno,
which as now we can't do with the DSL hooked up, and/or (2) we use either
the Webmail or another e-mail app, NOT the existing Juno software?


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