[juneau-lug] lockups

  • From: "Charles R. Hakari" <chakari@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: juneau-lug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 11:51:45 -0900


I'm still figuring out the rules for freelists.org, so no quotes from you 
last email.


I can surf all day with Netscape without problem. I have used Mozilla too 
without locking the system up, though Mozilla has it's own issues. If I stay 
away from Konqueror, I never have lockups. One thing I didn't try was working 
in KDE with the generic nVidia driver. I was using it while I was compiling 
the new kernel since the proprietary driver src rpm has to be rebuilt against 
the kernel that will be using it, but I didn't do any browsing in KDE during 
that time. I like the proprietary drive since it gives me hardware opengl 
acceleration for when I am tinkering around in Blender. Guess I could restore 
the original XF86config-4 file and give it a try. Would be nice to get back 
into KDE, though I don't have a problem with XFCE.

One other thing I did today was register at SourceForge so I could post bug 
reports for some of the software that I have been using. I have been trying 
to get Gphoto2 to work. Seems that they fixed a serial lock problem that I 
was having with beta3, but now it won't detect the serial ports! At least the 
orginal gphoto works well enough to download my photos.

I am kind of curious about what kind of kernels the rest of you 
build...modular or monolithic. I have been using modular kernels recently, 
but I generally build a monolithic kernel for the first run on a new 
kernel...easier to recover from, since I can just boot from the old kernel if 
something goes wrong.


P.S .I wrote this last night, but had problems sending it. Woke up this 
morning to a locked up machine. The only thing running was the screen saver. 
A clue? I switched over to the generic video driver to see if there is any 
difference. Guess I could try upgrading XFree86.

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