[juneau-lug] Recent power outage problems

  • From: bdk <bdk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: juneau-lug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 20:23:43 -0800

As a result of the recent power outage, I'm unable to load MySQL. I 
couldn't understand where it was erroring so I reinstalled it, and now I 
think I know how come it isn't loading.

When I try to install the default databaes (scripts/mysql_install_db), 
mysql tells me:

- scripts/mysql_install_db: cannot create temp file for here document: 
Read-only file system
- Installation of grant tables failed!

I did some looking in the MySQL manual. For some reason I'm unable to 
write to my '/tmp'. I checked and '/tmp' is setup w/ the right modes 
(1777). When I reset the mode 'chmod 1777 /tmp', chmod sets them but 
tells me that '/tmp' is a ready-only file system. I can't create or even 
copy a file to '/tmp'. Vi won't let me save and cp tells me:

- Osok:/home/bdk# cp test.123 /tmp
- cp: cannot create regular file `/tmp/test.123': Read-only file system

Is '/tmp' suppose to be a ready-only? How do I unread-only '/tmp'? 
Things were working just fine before the power outage.

My Microsoft lobe suggested that I try rebooting the machine to see if 
that would clear the problem.

2 minutes later.

Problem cleared.

Anyone know why '/tmp' would be write protected?

Version 3.1
GIT d+>! s+:++ a->? C++++ ULU++++>$ P+>++++ L+++>++++>$ E--- W+++ N++ o? K- 
w--- !O M-- V PS PE++ Y++ PHP++(+++) t-- 5- X++ R++ tv++ b++>+++ DI++ D++ G e* 
h++ r+++ y+++*>++++

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