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  • From: Kevin Miller <millerboys@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 08:14:59 -0900

Talley family wrote:
> I would be glad to see a presentation on the backup system
> that Myron mentioned.  Myron, want to give us a show-and-tell?
> If nothing else turns up, any interest in a presentation about 
> WATIR?  WATIR is a web site testing framework which gives 
> powerful and fairly easy test script capability via a Ruby 
> interface to the IE API.
> WATIR test scripts end up being Ruby programs, but, with the
> WATIR component, the scripts are written at a very high level
> of abstraction.
> Chris Keller at Postman did a presentation for some Postman
> customers, which was my introduction.  Chris might be interested
> in presenting to the LUG.  If not, he might allow me to use
> his slides.  I couldn't give the depth that Chris could, but,
> I know enough to follow the slides, do a simple demo, and 
> answer simple questions.
> Give me an idea how much interest there is in WATIR.
> Larry

That would be interesting, but I was kinda hoping we'd finalize some 
demos on video creation.  I'm decidedly *not* the guy to lead that but 
hope we can do that one of these nights.  Or even have a hackfest where 
we try to troubleshoot the coaster-making and folks bring their boxes in.

WATIR scripts and Ruby would be neat to see though...

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