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  • Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 21:52:18 +0000

I've been busy compiling a 2.4.17 kernel with ext3 and iptables support.
My system seg faulted during the first compile attempt. I was on the web
at the time...not sure if that had anything to do with it. Anyway, the
system locked up and I had to hit the reset. The file system got hit
pretty hard by this crash, requiring running fsck manually. What a pain.
The second go round went fine, so I added the journals to the
partitions, edited fstab, rebooted and I am now journaled.

Good thing too.  I have KDE and Gnome desktops installed on my Redhat
system, as well as the XFCE window manager. I have been using XFCE since
it loads quickly and I can run KDE and Gnome apps from it. It especially
loads Gnome apps quickly since it uses GTK. I hardly go into Gnome any
more. Guess I got turned off by the Nautilus desktop. It runs so slowly,
especially since I am on running a Pentium 233. I like KDE a lot,
especially since 2.2 came out. I loads slowly, but once it is up, it is
very responsive. The main problem has been that Konqueror locks my
system up hard when used as a web browser.  Along with the kernel
upgrade, I installed the  latest nVidia video driver in the hope that
this was the problem with Konqueror. No dice. After browsing for 1/2 an
hour, it locked the system up.  I hit the reset button and watched the
login run through the filesystem checks, with only a slight pause as the
journal was run and file system was brought in line. How nice not having
to wait for fsck to do it's thing!

I had a couple of other glitches in KDE during the day which I tried to
shutdown from but couldn't.  I had to toggle over to a shell and try to
shutdown from there, but ended up with a screen full or scrolling text.
No hard drive activity, so reset again. I'm not sure if it was a KDE
thing or maybe the xserver was having some kind of problem with the
nVidia driver, but things seem to be working fine here in XFCE.

My next project will be to install Firestarter firewall. It is the
reason that I added iptables support to the kernel. Hopefully my router
won't have a problem with a firewall behind it.

Guess that's enough about my activities for now. Gotta get back to
Grokking the Gimp.

Chuck Hakari

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