[juneau-lug] Re: Fw: lockups

  • From: James Zuelow <e5z8652@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <juneau-lug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 12:37:50 -0900 (AKST)

> >
> > James,
> >
> > I'm still figuring out the rules for freelists.org, so no quotes from
> you
> > last email.
> >

There shouldn't be anything drastic for freelists.org - don't send HTML,
don't send attachments, and don't overquote.  BTW the limit for quoting is
set at 33% of your message, for more than 10 quoted lines.  This is
intended to stop a reply that is 50 lines long with a "me too" added to
the end.  However if you are block quoting (quoting someone's entire
message and inserting comments throughout the message) it will accept



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