[juneau-lug] Re: Anyone still around?

  • From: James Zuelow <e5z8652@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 21:57:08 -0900 (AKST)

On Sat, 16 Feb 2002, Toby wrote:

> I've been working on getting SuSE 7.3 ppc working on my motorola starmax. No
> success yet. I'm also taking the linux system administration course at UAS.
> Once that's done, I might give the comptia test a shot. Can anyone tell me
> how much it costs to take it?
What's up with the StarMax that SuSE won't load?  I've seen them mentioned
on the Debian PPC lists, so it isn't that Linux won't work on them.  What
processor does your StarMax have?  It's an OpenFirmware box, right?

It should be about $190 for the exam.  You'll take it at Databank, but you
can register all kinds of places - www.2test.com is one.

Can you give us a review of the UAS class?

> Besides that, another state surplus sealed bid auction has come and gone. I
> have my fingers crossed on an apple powerbook 3400 laptop that I'd like to
> load SuSE onto for fun and maybe extra credit. If you missed the auction,
> don't feel too bad. There weren't very many good lots there in my opinion.
> Except maybe a VAX 2100 and 4000. Lol.
I'm surprised the VAX's were still there.  Someone will probably snap them
up.  I almost bought the 2100 just for the disk drives - something like 7
2GB and 4 4GB SCSI drives.  Not quite worth the $250 asking price though.
Should have put in a bid on them to get those drives, just never got
downtown.  (Heavy sigh.)



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