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New Beginnings: A Career and Personal Development Workshop

 Facilitators: Poppy Evans and Dr. Marcia Wochner


Periods of unemployment can offer an opportunity to revisit and redefine

career goals. Job loss can often lead to the discovery that a vocation no

longer seems to fit, either because you've changed or the field has changed

since you first entered it.  


"New Beginnings" is a six-week workshop designed to guide those in career

transition through the process of re-assessing and redefining their values,

interests, traits and abilities. Through readings, exercises, on-line

self-assessments and group discussions, participants develop greater self

awareness that will enable them to recognize personal strengths and

vocational possibilities that they had previously not considered. 



Schedule: Six Tuesday evenings, June 23 to July 28.

Time: 7:00 to 9:00 pm

Location: Room 113, Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church

Cost: $75, payable by cash or check at the first session.


Required Material: "What Color is Your Parachute?" (2009) edition), Richard

Bolles. (Instructors will make bulk purchase for those without the book for

an additional cost of $12.00.)


Pre-registration is required.  SPACE IS LIMITED.  Please register via e-mail

to poppy@xxxxxxx, and specify whether or not you already have the book.

Deadline: Monday, June 15.



About the Facilitators:


Group facilitators are mental health professionals with career development

and group experience who have both made a mid-life career change.


Poppy Evans has devoted much of her career working as a graphic design, art

director, managing editor for a design magazine, and writer for the design

industry. Since 1993 she has served on the faculty of the Art Academy of

Cincinnati and continues to serve as adjunct professor while she pursues a

Masters degree in mental health counseling. As a second-year graduate

student, she will complete her degree requirements and become a licensed

counselor in the early part of next year. 


Dr. Marcia Wochner holds a Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati and an

MBA from Southern Methodist University in Business Management. She spent a

good part of her career working as a consultant engaged in executive

coaching, strategic planning, leadership skills program design, stress

management and career development, as well as group and individual

counseling.  In the past decade Marcia decided to pursue a career in

painting and drawing and received her BFA in Painting from the Art Academy

of Cincinnati in 2007.


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