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Good Evening,

Donald I. Crews is presenting "Data Mining @ the Library: Library Databases in 
Job Search and Beyond" tomorrow, May 20, at the Job Search Learning Labs.

What if you could turn tons of business info into usable job searching 
knowledge - for free? This workshop will show how to use the public library's 
databases to find information about businesses, non-profits, interviewers and 
more. And did I mention, the information is free! 

Donald is a former Reference Librarian at the Public Library of Cincinnati and 
Hamilton County, a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy with a 
BS in Nautical Science; an Information Scientist, Public Programming Expert, 
and Researcher/Analyst. If he doesn't know his way around the library...nobody 
does. Come and hear about all the hidden treasures the library has to offer you 
during your job search.

Upcoming presentations: 
5/27   - Visual CV, presented by Pam Hoctor 
6/3     - Advanced LinkedIn, by Roger Bernier 
Directions and complete information on JSLL are at the bottom of this 
In addition, do not forget our Personal Marketing Workshop is available. These 
are FREE services! 
Sign up for times for: 
Business Card Reader: 
This little device will scan all of those business cards stashed in every 
corner of your home and organize them electronically! 
Video of Your Elevator Speech: 
Video equipment will not be available every week so we will schedule your 
video a week in advance. Remember to dress professionally for your close-up 
with Cecil B. DeMille. 
LinkedIn Photo: 
You may want to dress professionally to have your picture taken for 
inclusion on your LinkedIn site. We will even help you add it to your site. We 
have settled on blue backgrounds for the photos so keep that in mind when 
selecting your shirt or blouse. 
Computer Lab Time: 
The lab is available for you to work on LinkedIn, ask general questions or 
just work on the computer. 
We may be limited to only three people per Friday session for the card 
reader so we would like those interested to sign up. Please check at the 
registration desk upon arrival. 
Registration and networking starts at 1:00 PM with class from 1:30 PM to 
2:45 PM. There is computer lab time from 2:45 to 3:30 if anyone needs help 
with computer questions. The center is Wi-Fi connected so feel free to bring 
your laptop. 
Classes are free, dress is casual and there is no obligation, but if you 
care to donate $1.00 to $2.00 to the Free Will Offering it would be 
appreciated. Even though the Senior Center does not charge us, the offering 
helps defray costs. 
For more information on the JSLL, and to check the calendar of events, 
Anticipated JSLL meeting dates and topics may change, so check back 
The Job Search Learning Labs is located at the Anderson Township Senior 
Citizens Center, 7970 Beechmont Avenue. When heading east, note that the 
building is on the north side of the street, set back about 100 yards from 
Beechmont Avenue. The driveway is between the fire station to the west and the 
former Hollywood Video building to the east. Look for the flashing yellow 
emergency light. 
Begin your week with the Job Search Focus Group and end the week with the Job 
Search Learning Labs. We would love to see you tomorrow. 
Pam Hoctor 
PR Director, JSLL
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