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The following job opportunity has been posted to the JSFG E-mail Mailing Li=

Date: 03/17/04
JobTitle: Inside Sales / Warehouse / Yard
JobClass: Sales
JobDescript: Job Title:  =20

Inside Sales / Warehouse / Yard

Position Summary:=20

This position provides sales and customer service for counter and phone cus=
tomers as well as assisting in the warehouse and yard operations. This posi=
tion reports to the Warehouse and Inside Sales Manager and Assistant at the=
 main office and to the Branch Manager at branch locations.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

=C2=95=09Sales and customer service to counter and phone customers.
=C2=95=09Responds to customer requests for product information and submitta=
=C2=95=09Keep updated on product information and specifications.
=C2=95=09Receives and stocks inventory materials in warehouse and yard.
=C2=95=09Shipping of materials to customers and vendors.
=C2=95=09Quotes cities, contactors and other customers as assigned or as ne=
=C2=95=09Purchases material for customers and inventory as needed.
=C2=95=09Performs confirmation function of sales orders.
=C2=95=09Processes backorders on a daily basis.
=C2=95=09Assist in maintaining organization and cleanliness of warehouse an=
d yard including checking in and receiving of products.
=C2=95=09Follow OSHA and company safety procedures.
=C2=95=09Make deliveries to customers if necessary.
=C2=95=09Processes UPS shipments as required.
=C2=95=09Assists in building and maintaining customer base.
=C2=95=09Assist in the taking of physical inventory.=20
=C2=95=09Performs other tasks as necessary to service customers and maintai=
n company profitability.


This position requires the ability to service customers in a professional m=
anner.  Computer, math and reading skills are necessary to perform sales, q=
uotes, purchasing, inventory management and other necessary paperwork. Comp=
uter skills include the ability to learn distribution software as well as a=
 working knowledge of the internet and Microsoft Office software.   Must be=
 able to obtain OSHA and DOT certifications required to operate warehouse a=
nd delivery equipment including but not limited to delivery vehicles, forkl=
ifts, pallet jacks and hand trucks. Associate must be knowledgeable of wate=
r utility related products as well as being detail oriented. =20

Location: Monroe, Ohio
WorkType: Full-time Regular
Travel: No
PositionState: Existing
SalaryRange: $$
HowApply_Mail: Yes
HowApply_Email: Yes
HowApply_Fax: Yes
Company: Utility Service and Supply, Inc.
Person_Requesting_Profiles: Robert Keever
Contact_StreetAddress: 401 Lawton Ave. P.O. Box 438
Contact_City: Monroe
Contact_State: OH
Contact_ZipCode: 45050
Contact_WorkPhone: 513-539-7500
Contact_FAX: 513-539-7368
email: bkeever@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Industry: Wholesale distributor of water and sewer utility products.

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