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The following job opportunity has been posted to the JSFG E-mail Mailing Li=

Date: 10/04/07
JobTitle: Grants Fixed Asset Manager
JobClass: Accounting/Finance
JobDescript: SUMMARY
=EF=BF=BD=09Administration of the grants and capital programs, supervision =
of fixed assets, inventory reconciliation, and coordinate FTA triennial pro=
=EF=BF=BD=09Prepare grant applications for federal and state grants.
=EF=BF=BD=09Track and maximize cash from all grant sources.
=EF=BF=BD=09Monitor and interpret federal and state regulations, policies, =
and guidelines regarding grants and related matters. =20
=EF=BF=BD=09Maintain liaison with all grant authorities including federal, =
state, and local.
=EF=BF=BD=09Research new grants and coordinate grant writing with other dep=
=EF=BF=BD=09Support SORTA/OKI Board members by preparing applications and m=
onitoring activity.
=EF=BF=BD=09Oversee and coordinate the preparation of the annual capital pl=
an and its implementation in accordance with SORTA policies.
=EF=BF=BD=09Supervise the biennial physical inventory of fixed assets.  If =
necessary coordinate disposal of obsolete fixed assets.
=EF=BF=BD=09Maintain the Fixed Asset Inventory and reconciliation to genera=
l ledger.
=EF=BF=BD=09Track bus obsolescence and forecast funds available for new bus=
=EF=BF=BD=09Manage bond accounting if Metro issues public bonds.
=EF=BF=BD=09Manage special projects related to RFP's and acquisitions.

Location: Cincinnati, OH
=EF=BF=BD=09Bachelor=EF=BF=BDs degree in Accounting plus minimum of 4 years=
 experience in a finance or general accounting environment required, includ=
ing experience with internal controls, GAAP requirements and concepts, and =
financial analysis.
=EF=BF=BD=09Minimum 3 years increasingly responsible experience in governme=
nt contract accounting preferred, including extensive knowledge of applicab=
le federal regulations, policies, procedures, circulars, and laws applicabl=
e to grant and contract activity including OMB Circular A-133. =20
=EF=BF=BD=09Knowledge of the cost principles under Federal Acquisition Regu=
lations (FAR) and the Cost Accounting Standard (CAS).
=EF=BF=BD=09Minimum 2 years supervisory experience required.
=EF=BF=BD=09Strong organizational, problem solving, customer service skills=
, interpersonal skills, as well as, excellent verbal and written communicat=
=EF=BF=BD=09Ability to analyze fiscal data, summarize information, and pres=
ent it in a logical format.
=EF=BF=BD=09Work independently, resolve problems, and work with minimum sup=
=EF=BF=BD=09Strong working knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets, data=
bases, internet, and email.
WorkType: Full-time Regular
Travel: No
PositionState: New
SalaryRange: $$55,000
HowApply_Email: Yes
Company: SORTA/Metro
Person_Requesting_Profiles: Julia Best
Contact_StreetAddress: 1014 Vine Street
Contact_City: Cincinnati
Contact_State: OH
Contact_ZipCode: 45202
Contact_WorkPhone: 513-632-7616
Contact_FAX: 513-632-7506
email: jbest@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Industry: Transportation

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