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> >From recruiter, Kent Hedman
> Your our experience in the construction materials sector might have  made
you aware of talented asphalt plant managers who may need, or  want to be
alerted to new opportunities.
> > We are seeking a Manager - Multiple Asphalt Plants for a Client in the
lower Midwest.  Please, feel free to share this information with anyone you
know.  Also, we would welcome your suggestions regarding who might be a
knowledgeable resource person for us to contact.
> > Interested individuals should copy and paste their resume as the E-mail
message, and not as an attached document.  They should define their present,
or most recent compensation and how it is/was structured.
> > Upon receipt of this information, if appropriate, I will contact that
person directly.
> >  Thank you for your professional courtesy!
> > Kent Hedman,
> > 817 277-0888;  1khedman@xxxxxxxxx
> > (We are on Central Standard Time.)
> > 2002 - 2003 President of the Society of Executive Recruiting
> > Consultants, Inc.
> >  "We help build high performance teams."
> > 3312 WOODFORD, SUITE 200; ARLINGTON TX 76013-1139

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