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Please see contact information in attached email below...Good Luck!
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Jeff, Randy:

Can you pass this around Friday?


Paul Brandon

RCM Technologies is looking for a Developer in Miamisburg, OH for a 2 month 
contract position.

Please note: W2 Candidates are preferred

Job Description:

Looking for an OBIEE developer that has 3+ experience using OBIEE tools.

We have new hardware, so the candidate will set up the OBIEE environment and 
OBIEE tools for development use.

The developer will also develop reports using OBIEE Tools and design OBIEE 
reports web applications and web sites.

Responsible for directing web site content creation, enhancement and 

Education/Experience :
o   Bachelor degree in computer science or equivalent training required
o   8-10 years experience required

Responsibility level :
o   Exercises independent judgment with minimal direction from supervisor

Required Skills :
o   Verbal and written communication skills, problem solving skills, customer 
service and interpersonal  skills (Required)
o   Strong ability to work independently and manage one?s time (Required)
o   Strong leadership and mentoring skills necessary to provide support and 
constructive performance feedback (Required)

Major Job Duties and Responsibilities:
o   Set up OBIEE Tools and Environment
o   Supervise the design and development of reports using the OBIEE Tools o 
Direct web site updates
o   Review problems uncovered by testing or customer feedback and approve the 
correction of problem
o   Advise and direct management or development teams to prioritize needs, 
resolve conflicts, develop content criteria or choose solutions
o   Direct development or validation of test routines and schedules to ensure 
that test cases mimic external interfaces

Specific Skills:
OBIEE (Oracle Analytics, specifically) deployment and configuration
RPD development
Star Schema development

If you are interested in the job, please send your resume in Word format to 
dal_recruiting@xxxxxxxx  and then call 469-341-6090 but please send your resume 
in first so that a recruiter may review it with you when you call.

This email has been sent on behalf of RCM Technologies, Inc in Dallas, TX. So 
if you have questions please contact the Dallas office.




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