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Following is a job that I would like to have posted on your list server.
Please post only the description and email address.  Acknowledgment of
receipt is appreciated.


Territory Sales for technical industrial products manufacturers' agency and
Position involves calling on existing clients and developing new ones in a
defined geographic area of greater Cincinnati and Dayton. Development of a
productive territory requires learning about technical products,
applications and customers and prospects processes. Local sales support and
manufacturer product training support is provided, but success depends on
ability, effort and desire. Capability of a medium level of physical
exertion and the ability to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) is
required. Your territory is your business with prospecting, presenting,
quoting, closing, post sale follow up and problem resolution all being
involved. Territory development/management success will result in ownership
opportunity in larger business. If ownership isn't desired, this career
isn't for you. 
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