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Your friend Jim Turner (jtturner@xxxxxxxxxxx) sent you this job description
from Dade Moeller & Associates, Inc..

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Your friend's comments:

Position: 93 - Safety Professional
Location: All Dade Moeller & Associates Locations

Job Description: 

Job #093 - Safety Professional


Responsible for identifying hazardous workplace conditions. Takes samples
and measurements of hazardous materials, and coordinates the removal of
physical, biological and chemical hazards. Trains employees on safety
policies, procedures and regulations. Ensures compliance with all applicable
federal and state health and safety regulations and ensures necessary
records are maintained and prepared according to established guidelines.
Participates in Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
inspections, providing inspectors with appropriate documents and identifying
safety measures. The position requires a BS degree in applicable disciplines
and 3 to 5 years experience is desired. Comprehensive applied experience
with DOE site operations and/or cleanup projects is highly desirable. 



Information on Dade Moeller & Associates is available online at
<http://www.moellerinc.com/> www.moellerinc.com. Full-time employees receive
above average benefits including accrued vacation, holidays, retirement,
term life and medical insurance.

Please complete online application with salary expectations, references and
resume under the employment section at  <http://www.moellerinc.com/>
www.moellerinc.com. We are an equal opportunity employer, minority
candidates are encouraged to apply. 

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