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Your friend Jim Turner (jtturner@xxxxxxxxxxx) sent you this job description
from Dade Moeller & Associates, Inc..

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Your friend's comments:

Position: 203 Business Manager
Location: Oak Ridge, TN

Job Description: 

The Business Manager of Eastern Operations will be responsible for the
coordination between Eastern Operations Program/Project Managers and our
corporate infrastructure groups, primarily Accounting/Finance, Contracts and
IT. Managing internal operations of Eastern Operations within the company.
Implement the companies' policies, procedures and practices. The initial
focus of this position is interface between Gulf Project personnel and
corporate infrastructure, including project controls and ensure staff
conformance to procedures and efficient functioning of Eastern Operations
.         B.A. / B.S. in financial or business related field
.         Minimum ten years of proven experience
.         Minimum of five years Program/Project Management experience
.         Proven ability to be self-directed and to work independently
.         Strong verbal and written communication skills including ability
to present information to individuals and groups
Working conditions are normal for an office environment. 
Interested candidates may apply at moellerinc.com - Job #  203         Equal
Opportunity Employer / AAP



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