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Subject: ORAU Employment Opportunity Referral


July 22, 2009

A friend of yours thought you might be interested in the following open
position with Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU):

Position:           Web Designer Senior
Reference #:      09-075
Location:           Oak Ridge, TN

If you would like to view more information, please click on the link =
this paragraph. If you are an external applicant (not an ORAU employee)
please note the reference number of the position and go to
https://orau.igreentree.com/CSS_External/CSSPage_Welcome.ASP to apply.

View the job posting through this hyperlink; however, externals (not an =
employee) need to return to this page and apply using the link above.
A9-DCE6-4C22-9665-0D6284F308C2&AppKey=3D&> &AppKey=3D&;

Please note that this email is not spam, and was requested by the =


ORAU Employment Department

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