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From: James T. Turner By ORAU [mailto:work@xxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: ORAU Employment Opportunity Referral


July 16, 2010

A friend of yours thought you might be interested in the following open
position with Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU):

Position:           Associate General Counsel
Reference #:      10-094
Location:           Oak Ridge, TN

If you would like to view more information, please click on the link below
this paragraph. If you are an external applicant (not an ORAU employee)
please note the reference number of the position and go to
https://orau.igreentree.com/CSS_External/CSSPage_Welcome.ASP to apply.

View the job posting through this hyperlink; however, externals (not an ORAU
employee) need to return to this page and apply using the link above.
5C-7BF5-4A04-9050-8A94F774E203&AppKey=&> &AppKey=&;

Please note that this email is not spam, and was requested by the sender. 


ORAU Employment Department

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