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  • Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 11:55:00 +0700

Dear Kai and Vuk

Thank you for the reply. Actually, I have changed in the verbosity to be 
enabled or on, and I have edited the default file script. However, it still 
doesn't work. When I used the script we created together in the training, it 
works well. But it doesn't work when I use the last posted script.

With warm regard
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  please go to check your virbosity,

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    Dear Vuk

    Thank you verymuch, I have installed it in Jaws510. 

    Anyway, after I installed the script from you, there is no indication when 
some one online and of line. Any suggestion for this problem?

    Best Regard
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      Hello All,
      How are you and how is your continuing with Jaws scripting after the 
workshop in Vietnam? I know that some of you are exploring more with FSDN and 
the scripting manual and more. Hope you can share together about your work 
relating to Jaws scripting issues. I am sending you the updated Yahoo scripts 
in attached. I hope that you can explore the code and get more ideas. I just 
just fix the say most recent message and add the feature to copy chat messages 
by pressing Control+alt+x (where x is the message number you want to copy to 
the clipboard). For any questions, please post it here.

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