[JScript-Dev] Re: Scripting for Propriety Software???

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Hi friend,
Basically, I do not know yet regarding software you were talking about.
I will be happy if you can provide detail of the software, and where I can go to website to know detail about the software.
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Hi Sheila,

May I know the software that you are talking about?

Best regards,
--- Sheila Lacanaria <lala@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Good day everyone!

I have a very urgent need! I hope you can all help

One of my computer trainees is going to start
Medical Transpcription training in January 2007.
However, the academy where she will be trained has
propriety software, and when we first visited their
center to test JAWS with their local environment,
JAWS did not work well, because the computer would
not respond to any key pressed on the keyboard. As
much as possible, we would like to make it work
before she starts, that way she will not encounter
too many problems while training to become a

Would anyone know how to make it work together and

I purposely posted it on this list, because I
believe this is where I can find the best scripters
in Asia.

Thank you all so much for you help and am looking
forward to your responses.


Sheila Kaye Lacanaria
Resources for the Blind, Inc.
Box 80540 DCCPO, Davao City,
8000 Philippines
Tel. # (082) 225-8937 to 38
email: lala@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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