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Hi Sugiyo,
You can fix the script by replacing quote punctuations. The quote punctuations 
in the script have numberic value 8220 so the script compiler doesn't 
understand this punctuation. The quote punctuations must have the ascii value 
34. You can check the numberic value of a char by pressing numpad 5 three times.
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  Dear Vuk, Victor, & all

  In the lecture Victor folder I found the script below:

  Script GettingToWork()


              Int Weekdays,

              Int iCounter


  Let Weekdays = 5

  Let iCounter = 1

  While (iCounter <= Weekdays)

  Say ("It is day "+iCounter, OT_SCREEN_MESSAGE)

  Say ("Today we take the bus to work", OT_SCREEN_MESSAGE)

  Let iCounter = iCounter + 1


  Say ("It is a weekend, so we will take sky train or taxi", OT_SCREEN_MESSAGE)


  Unfortunately the script above could not be compiled, Is there any one can 
improve the script ?



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    Subject: [JScript-Dev] Referenced Materials

    Below are useful docs for you to read more. I zipped and uploaded to the 
web for you to download all.

    1. Basic Scripting Manual from Freedom Scientific: 
    This manual contains many useful lessons for scripting beginner.
    2. Freedom Scientific Development Network (FSDN): 
    contains a list of scripts and functions with a good description for each 
    Note, two docs above you can also download from Freedom Scientific website 
under Training section for Jaws.
    3. Lectures wrote by Victor: 
    contains 10 lectures taught how to write Jaws scripts.
    4. Audio tutorial on Jaws scripting conducted by Jim Snowbarger and 
broadcasted on ACBRadio: 
    contains 13 files showing how to write Jaws scripts. You can also download 
these files from ACB radio website.


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