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  • Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 10:55:17 +0700

Hi phuc,
I have downloaded the files.
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  Below are useful docs for you to read more. I zipped and uploaded to the web 
for you to download all.

  1. Basic Scripting Manual from Freedom Scientific: 
  This manual contains many useful lessons for scripting beginner.
  2. Freedom Scientific Development Network (FSDN): 
  contains a list of scripts and functions with a good description for each 
  Note, two docs above you can also download from Freedom Scientific website 
under Training section for Jaws.
  3. Lectures wrote by Victor: 
  contains 10 lectures taught how to write Jaws scripts.
  4. Audio tutorial on Jaws scripting conducted by Jim Snowbarger and 
broadcasted on ACBRadio: 
  contains 13 files showing how to write Jaws scripts. You can also download 
these files from ACB radio website.


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