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Hi again everyone!

Here's what I basically came up with about the Local Environment at the training center I was telling you about.

Attached is a brief description of it:


School/Training Center - where students can access the files that they need to work on through a server. But before they can access their files, they have to supply their login and passwords to be able to use computers, or to begin practicing or working.

Illustration 1




In this environment alone, JAWS does not respond to any key pressed on the keyboard, nor does Windows respond, because no character appears on the screen. Only the cursor appears blinking.

If they are not able to login successfully, then they cannot access the files that they need to use, but they will be able to use Windows XP (navigate around it and use some applications like MS Word and Express Scribe). And JAWS works in the Windows XP environment, just like any regular computer.

Tomorrow, I will visit the training center itself and ask their technical personnel to give me a more descriptive information so that I can post more information here.

Till then.. Hope you all have a great day ahead...

Sheila Kaye Lacanaria
Resources for the Blind, Inc.
Box 80540 DCCPO, Davao City,
8000 Philippines
Tel. # (082) 225-8937 to 38
email: lala@xxxxxxxxxxxx

P.S. Attached are emails from Ms Des and Mr Phuc. That is basically what is they also use at the training center. But Again, I'll try squeeze out more information from the people at the training center... :D

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Hi Ms. Sheila,

I agree with Phuc. It's better if we see and explore
that software by ourselves. Maybe you can give us more
details about that application.

As far as I know, MT companies here in the Philippines
are using medical dictionaries, drug references,
Abbreviates and other helpful software, which are
incorporated in MS Word, and these can be managed by a
JAWS user. Also, Express Scribe works well with JAWS.
With regard to an educational materials for BMT
(beginning medical transcription), I know a program
that doesn't really work with JAWS well--it's called
"SUM Program." This program really needs a particular
script because it is not really accessible to the
visually impaired. but what we did was we converted
those exercises files into mp3 and wave file so that
we can use those files in our Medical Transcription

Have a nice day/night,

--- Dang Hoai Phuc <webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Sheila,
Actually, it is a little hard for me to tell you
exactly what to make Jaws work with that program
without playing with it. Can the program install and
be used on a single computer or it needs to be run
in a network? Can you ask the company to provide us
that program to do a test with Jaws?
 If impossible, can you describe a little bit about
how much Jaws can work in that program such as: can
you use keyboard to interact with the program like
accessing to its menus, controls, toolbars? And how
about the possibility to use Jaws cursor to move
around the window? The more you describe, the more I
give you suggestion. The best sollution for us to
give you advice is to have a real test of the
program with Jaws. Besides, Ms Des and Julius can
help you for this.

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