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Hello Sheila,
Now I think, I know a bit about the concept of this software which wants to be like e-learning or maybe CIR, am I right? So, I'm now trying to understand first. If which one is wrong, would you please correct me.

1. All the meterials are located on server.
2. Students have to connect to the server by using a software which you refered.
3. The software can access only sighted untill now.
4. Now you want JAWS to access this software.

I'm not sure that every point is correct, but if I am right, I'm really agree with Rahim. If this software is develop for help students to gain their knowledge, I'll try my best to help you.

Best regard


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Good day everyone!

Another information I received was that this local environment/ software was not developed using Macromedia Flash, because one of you asked me the question. This was probably developed using Visual Basic. However, this system, (which is of course run by a server), is having a hard time recognizing JAWS because it is dependent on a network path, not a local path.

Another information the IT guy at the academy gave me was that their server is an SQL Server Database (running on Microsoft Platform).

I honestly am not so sure if this information is any good, but please let me know if you come up with more questions, so that I can ask the IT guy at the academy your questions...

Thank you all so much for bearing with me, because honestly, I am not any good at programming. I flunked many programming classes in college...:D

You all have a great day!

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