[jos64] Re: lpr tools

  • From: Jolse Maginnis <jmaginni@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jos64@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 19:51:32 +1100

Hi Pplz,

> Anathema, this is a online "maillist". News about the JOS operating system is
> sent across to everyone subscribed. All replies to a message sent are sent to
> everyone. That means anyone replying to the MAILLIST not just directly 
> replying
> to Jolse or anyone else, is sent all over the mail list to everone who is
> subscribed.
> If you want to send a message to Jolse just "Compose" a private E-Mail to him.
> Hope he understands. I really don't know what Anathema's message suppose to
> mean.

Richard, if she didn't know what a mailing list was and did, she
wouldn't be on it would she? It was just a simple mistake, the message
was meant for me, so I'm not surprised you don't know what it means!

Anywaysss.. I'm posting to alert you to a new "booter", which, if you
run into a Jos panic, (a reset out to basic), it'll display the process
which caused the crash above the ready. prompt. So if you run into any
of these crashes, I'd be very grateful if you could tell me the process,
the border colour plus what you were doing when it crashed, and if
possible try and repeat the crash.

Also I've uploaded a new "ps", which displays the info better, and if
your in an 80 column console, it'll give you more info, (or use -v).

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