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I read all of the postings and man I stirred up some conversation about

I will note about what Mitch said.

72-Pin SIMMs are of course great chips but no new productions are available
easily as it was 2 years ago. I do have specs on the SD-RAM. The best is to get
a 8-pin per side chip. Those that are without ECC. This would allow easier
usage on C=. The key to a updated RAMLink product, is to get to an updated
technology. SIMMs can be a logical and reliable step but even SD-RAM as long as
it is understood properly.

One to note, is 32 Bit technology.

Another option is FlashROMs. Such chips are as fast (these days) as SIMMs. So
an option occurs.Can a RamLink be made without a battery. So a good 1 Million
rewritable (cycle) chip can be used. I saw listings on such chips and that
sparked a major interest to me.Why not use such a chip. That the price will be
looked upon. But that would be a enviable option. Such chips are even faster
than the old 30-pin SIMMs.

A choice to consider is how much more power does the 72-Pin SIMMs draw or how
much less. Battery life is to be considered when we use RAMs. The FlashROMs are
like memory cards on a Playstation or PS2. Perhaps some are faster and at
Higher capacities.

Any questions or comments would be accepted.

Ideally Commodore users should stay up with today's technology while keeping
its legacy.

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