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At 10:31 PM 10/18/2001 +0200, you wrote:

>Would you mind sharing the details on how you set up the Win2K box to
>accept incoming PPP from JOS? I'm a UNIX man myself and I'm having a
>really hard time trying to help a friend with a Windows box. Those
>damn networking wizards drive me nuts -- I much prefer man pages and

Sure.  You'll need a null-modem RS-232 cable, also known as a Direct Cable 
Connection cable.  I use a 9-pin F-F cable by Belkin.

1) Go to "Control Panel"->"Add/Remove Hardware".  Choose "Add/Troubleshoot 
a device".  Let it do it's search so it thinks it's doing something useful 
for you.  When it comes back with a device list, choose the first option, 
"Add a new device".  Tell Windows, "No, I want to select the hardware from 
a list".  When asked what type of hardware to install, choose "modems" and 
then "Don't detect my modem, I will select it from a list".  Under 
"standard modem types", choose "Communications cable between two 
computers".  Then, tell it what port your null modem cable is connected to.

2) Next, go to "Control Panel"->"Phone and Modem Options".  Choose the 
"modems" tab and then pull up the properties for the cable to make sure the 
baud rate, etc. are set up the way you want them.  I use 8N1, 38400 here, 
as I'm not sure how to tell JOS to go higher.

3) If you intend to share an internet connection, as I'm sure you will be 
doing, you need to have "Client for Microsoft Networks" and "NWLink 
NetBIOS" installed for the shared connection.  You will also want these on 
the new connection, AFAIK.

4) Now, go to "Control Panel"->"Network and Dial-Up 
Connections".  Double-click the "Make New Connection" icon.  When asked for 
the connection type, choose "Accept Incoming Connections" and then the port 
you have your cable connected to.  Do not allow VPN connections.  De-select 
all of the users on the next screen - you wont be authenticating anyway.

5) After you finish with that wizard, a new icon should appear in the list 
of network connections.  Right click on it and choose "properties".  Choose 
the "users" tab and be sure "Always allow directly connected devices...to 
connect without...a password" is checked.

6) In JOS, begin the connection process as usual, but instead of typing an 
ATDT command to dial out, you type "CLIENTCLIENT" and wait for the windows 
box to respond "CLIENTSERVER".  Begin PPP negotiation as usual.

I hope that helps.

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