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  • From: Wildstar <wildstar128@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2001 18:41:58 -0800 (PST)

To Greg/DAC:
From Wildstar:

I personally think it would be great. If an I/O based chip like the 65c22 or a
variety of others where implemented, like any good IDE or SCSI controller, onto
the SuperCPU module or a sort of clone (if someone does make a CPU accelerator
based on the 65c816 or 65c265) native bus. The bus that is timed by the 65c816
or 65c265. This would usually give you 20 Mhz or 8 Mhz depending on the
designation speed version that is used. You would get great performance.

If your using a NULL Modem and a Cable Modem the most you will get is 
230.4 Kbps which is 28.8 Kilobytes per sec. The best sound sampling you'll get
is 28 Khz (Mostly you use 22 Khz) at 8-Bits. Which is really not spetacular
over phone or even modem.

Why I say you are limited to 230.4 Kbps is due to limits of the Turbo232's key
chip the 16550A which is also found in IBM systems integrated to the main board
or embedded in a controller chip with bunch of pins like 208 pins or so. Or on
a Serial I/O card. I recommend building a LAN or USB card for the C= and hook
up the Cable Modem that way and get 1 Mbps or faster access. some CableModems
are capable of reaching 15-35 Mbps. Some people may flame me for LAN. Why LAN
or Local Area Network. The answer is that its faster then Serial/Asyncronous
I/O chips anyday. JOS would be a great OS choice for doing LAN operations. Due
to the core concept. 

Jolse, if someone develops a decent LAN card/cartridge, I hope you develop a
driver package for JOS and =WiNGS= to make use of this.

Otherwise, I see alot of development that is promising and exciting for the C=
with JOS and very possibly =WiNGS=.

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