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  • Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2001 22:17:56 +1030

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Hi Greg! 

 JO>    Ever listen to digital audio with a 
 JO> commodore? 


 JO>   Well, even if you haven't had these 
 JO> experiences, This how to is about 
 JO> how to set default sample rates of the 
 JO> JOS digital Mixer, and how to send 
 JO> the mixer streams of Digital Data. 

Cool info you put on your site Greg, I tried the example 

"cat file.wav >/dev/mixer" and tweaked it with 

"rawplay -h 11000 /dev/null"  (tried various settings) 

Doing the tests using my CMD HD, it just isnt up to the job, I guess 
because the CMD HD is *only* running at 1 Mhz and not 20Mhz via the RL 

Oh yeah while I remember ;) didn't you tweak the Digimax, adjusted some 
resistor values? if so could you pass the info onto me please, as I am 
also hunting for a spec sheet on the MAX505 



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