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| Sounds good.. An OS just needs more developer tools available. For
=WiNGS=, we
| just need a nice good IDE environment for C and (maybe C++ enhancements),
| Assembler for 6502-65c816, and some other tools as well. This would make
| machines a great little computer. Like to see when 65c032 come out.
| our choice for 32/64/128/256 Bit operations would be Intel,Motorola, DEC
| some others (RISC) manufacturers. SCPU is a great 16 Bit CPU/accelerator.
| =WiNGS= could evolved to handle this. What about that z80 ?
| It would give 4 Mhz to our C= (internal on 128/128D).
SCPU and Z80 don't mix. It will crash.
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