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  • Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2001 20:46:02 -0800 (PST)

I think that it has to do with the Z80 cartridges design. I am not sure 
about the internal z80 in the 128 but toggle on and off the z80/SCPU at proper
times may be a possible solution. 

What I may do instead of z80 is using a Motorola,Intel or some other brand of
CPU and test it. But this would require a new board design and some differences

in design so it won't be a big mess to deal with. Since SuperCPU has SuperRAM.
I may look into a I/O connection where it would be tied in at a different
address than the SCPU. The key would likely be to toggle SCPU off during
certain process and then toggle back on the SCPU when the other CPU is toggled
off. This process would be basically cycling between CPUs. Z80 just doesn't
toggle off so simple unless there is an I/O in between. The I/O would be a
circuit switch. I perfer not to meddle with z80 if I was to use a similar chip
but better (in my opinion) would be a Pentium III,Celeron or Pentium IV. Much
faster and more function. I can sleep them at least. A lot more to meddle with
that at a later time or in private E-Mail.

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