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  • From: Greg/DAC <billnacu@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 18:16:16 -0500 (EST)

Hey all, I've updated my JOS website! (New Software for jos too!)

--(website address ,  http://www.king.igs.net/~billnacu/jos.html   )--

  The Jos Information Section is now complete, And the How To use Jos
section is now complete.

  Of course since the how to use jos is just for beginners or as a general
overview, I have added a section that I'm going to be continually working
on and adding to called "HOW TO... With JOS".

  I've also added a Page for Downloading JOS utilities.  At the moment
there is only one new item there, but more will be added as they become
available. At least one more will be available very soon.  The new program
is "Dictionary".  It's a great little Utility that (when you are connected
to the internet) Lets you type   dict anyword |more   and whatever your
word is gets sent directly through the internet as a request to
www.dictionary.com!   Dictionary.com responds by sending back HTML which
JOS turns into 80 column formatted Text and displays on the screen. I
think it's great! Soon there will be it's companion utility, "Thesaurus".
I think there are a lot of other useful webservices that can easily be
converted into JOS utilities!  So, check them out!



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