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To:Ramlink666@xxxxxxx / Retro Computing Today
From: Wildstar*

Good idea, would this be an Online( E-Mail maillist style or DL) or a Paperback
Magazine ?

I may not write an article in the initial issue but perhaps in a future
I personally have knowledge on systems dating back to the TI-99/4A from Texas
Instruments through the C= models and Amiga models. Any info, I can exerpt from
internet and help in providing the knowledge of the "Retro" computer to new
users and perhaps ideas for future systems. Virtual Reality, Artificial
Intellegence, Multi-task/Multi-Program systems and more.

Actually I am working on a new platform based on the technologies that built
the beloved computers and electronics that are still being used such as the C=,
Apple,TI,Atari,Nintendo NES & SNES (Super Nintendo), and variouse others. 

My platform would use a 65c265 Microcontroller (65c816 core - Based on the
technology that powered the SNES,Apple IIGS and the SCPU cartridge & Flash8 CPU
Accelerators for Commodore 64 & Commodore 128. 

Good Luck on everything. I am setting up a website/page for my new platform /
business. Since things are still under way. Things need to be fully

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