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Retro Computing Today - What is the big idea?

There seems to be a growing interest in computers and technology of 
yesteryear. With very few publications actually acknoledging this, it is left 
to a handful of small magazines to fill the gap, with profitable publications 
such as Computer and Video Games dedicating less than 4 pages to "The Old 
School". Retro Computing Today aims to be the first professional publication 
to cover all topics regarding this very subject matter, instead of 
concentrating on one particular computer or platform, as Commodore Scene 
does, Retro Computing Today aims to cover as many topics as there are 
interests for. For instance, those people who choose to use a Vic 20 to veiw 
web sites through to the AmigaOne platform.

Obviously, the more support a particular platform recieves, the more of the 
magazine will be dedicated to covering it, however, we would hope to provide 
some sort of balance, unlike at least 90% of current publications, whom tend 
to concentrate on the Windows/XBox platform.

Do you have big ideas yourself?

Details are sketchy at the minute, as the publication is still in early 
planning stages. We can confirm the following;

Launch issue for early May 2002.
8 copies a year (1 every 6 weeks). If there is enough demand, we will move 
towards 10 copies a year (1 every 5 weeks).
Website launched soon.

So, if you would like to shape this publication, please email me.

If you would like to write any articles for the launch issue, please forward 
them in .txt format, with the subject matter as Submissions 092246. We would 
appreciate greatly any help we can get.

Thank you for reading,

Shaun/Retro Computing Today.
Jos Homepage - http://www.jolz64.cjb.net/
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