[joho] JOHO - Was your issue delivered?

  • From: "David Weinberger" <self@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <joho@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 13:36:43 -0400

A Very Special Message from JOHO
Sept. 13, 2002

An alert reader (Thanks, Fantomaster!) has
discovered that SpamAssassin -- a popular server-
based spam filter -- decided that readers needed to
be protected from yesterday's issue of JOHO.
Apparently the all-caps title headings convinced
this hidden guardian (and the Windows version called
Spamnix) that the new issue was spam, and my Freudian
comments on W proved that it was ornography-pay.
(Sorry to use Pig Latin but if I write out the word,
this message may itself be sequestered by the ever-
vigilant SpamAssassin.)

So, here is your action item:

   If you did not receive yesterday's issue, could
   you please send a very brief msg to me at
   mailto:self@xxxxxxxxxxx to let me know? I need to
   assess the magnitude of the problem.

And you can read what you missed at:
Is it spam or is it ornography-pay? You be the judge.


1. Please don't respond if you did receive the

2. Please don't just hit the reply button since that
sends a message to the mailing list, which will
sequester it because, frankly, you don't have
permission to post to the list. Please send it
directly to me at self@xxxxxxxxxxx

Sorry for the trouble.

-- David Weinberger

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