[joho] JOHO - Super Brief Placeholder Issue - April 13, 2002

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***** JOHO Interval ******
April 13, 2002
Editor: David Weinberger (self@xxxxxxxxxxx)
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I know I owe you an issue of JOHO. But it's not
going to happen soon. It's just been a looooong
month: My book came out. I have some family things
going on. I was in China and Thailand last week, and
I'm going back to China on Sunday for two weeks.

That's actually why I'm writing. I'm taking my 11
year old son, Nathan, with me. We're going to be
tourists, in between presentations to IBMers. And
Nathan and I are going to be weblogging the whole
shootin' match (well, let's hope it doesn't actually
become a shootin' match) for The Boston Globe. You
can check in on us at:


There are already a few pre-trip entries posted,
sort of like the Oscars pre-show but without Joan
Rivers, movie stars, or excitement.

Maybe soon after we return I can get JOHO back on
something like a regular schedule. I'm told that my
friend RageBoy uses the massive ingestion of bran
flakes to accomplish this.

By the way, will you please enter your reviews of my
book at Amazon? So far there's one from Tom Matrullo
who liked it and one from a guy who hated it so much
that he returned it to Amazon. (I didn't know you
could do that. So, after reading a book I can sell it as
a used book for half price or return it to Amazon
for the full price? Cool!)

I'm hoping the China log and the pretty substantial
set of writings on my weblog (
http://www.hyperorg.com/blogger) will remind you
that JOHO lives, even if it only pokes its head
above ground on occasion, sees its shadow, and
retreats to the darkness to think about what it's


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