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  • From: "Jonathan Laird" <jlaird@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jobtransit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2008 00:18:38 -0800

Hey Sam,

It's cool - I understand how work goes..  we talked/griped/complained about
our current jobs/workload for a bit before the meeting, during the meeting,
and even after the meeting.

So yea, we decided that Geoff is going to be the Slave Master.. or was it
the Dragon Killer.. damn I don't remember.  And wear a wizards robe and
carry a staff..

But, aside from that, we talked about the online interview idea a little,
and rehashed our main goals about we want to focus on first.  Still have not
really decided, but concluded we would try to find time to read Kevin's
document that he sent out and think on which idea we wanted to concentrate
on...or if there were any other new ideas.

For the next meeting:

Kevin was going to try and look into a certain book about start-ups
(Google's in particular) and other Business/Marketing side related issues...

Geoff was going research open source code such as Jabber that could
potentially help us with the online interview idea....

And I was going to look at some Business Plans to see what we have covered
and what information we're lacking..

Oh, and we also said we were going to try and meet every week, but perhaps
only try to have a more "mandatory" meeting every other thursday around the
same time.  But if this time doesn't work for you, then we can try switching
it to Tuesday or some other time?

Kevin had an interesting idea of what to do with all the data we collect
from people's personalities and their job choices.. but I'll let him tell
you in person (skype/etc).  Probably make more sense coming across that way
if you have questions.


On Feb 8, 2008 12:05 AM, Sam Talaie <stalaie@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hey Guys,
> Sorry I couldn't make it to the conf. call. I had work related stuff
> until 9.  Any decisions or things I missed?
> -Sam

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