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  • To: "george bybee III" <jimkitchenchat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2012 04:03:30 -0500

Hi George,

I my self am still running Windows XP, but, yes, I have been told by many that 
my games do run in Windows 7.

Here are the install instructions for my games in Vista and Windows 7.

The first thing that you need to do is to run the setup.exe file in the 
winkit.zip file as it installs files that the rest of the games need.  So open 
the winkit.zip file, press S and then enter.  The winkit.zip file is the first 
link on my free windows text to speech games page.

The rest of my games require full administration rights to install. To do this arrow to the games installation file, press the Windows context menu key, arrow to run as administrator, and press enter. This will allow you to install the game as administrator. Or you can just turn off the whole User Account Control thing in Vista or Windows 7 and it will do the same thing.

And here is a message about my games and Windows 7.

Hello all, I just found out something I hope will help you Sherry,  ok you no 
how in windows 7 we have two program file folders? One is just called program 
files, and the other is called program files x86, well here is what happen to 
me. I  installed the winkit program and it went into  just the program files 
x86 folder. And when I installed the games they went into  the folder. Called 
just program files. So  fined out which one is the winkit one and go to which 
of the program folders the computer put the games in and copy and paste them 
into the winkit one it works.

Like I found out winkit was in the program files x86 so I went to just program 
files and  copied the games from kitchensinc and put them in program files x86 
kitchensinc and then I removed the one  in program files. Just deleted the 

Make sure you are in administrator
Hope that helps.


I hope that helps.



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