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Oh, I understand. Just so long as the best stats are not easily achieved. *smile*

I can't wait for this game, sounds like fun!

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Hi Raymond,

Well Puppy 1 had increasingly difficult rounds like you suggested, like the old Atari games had, but I was not planning that for Awesome Homer. More seeing if you could get through all of the rounds and save Marge. But since some of the stuff in the different levels is random and others are timed, it is more about if you complete the entire game, and then go back and see if you can do better and get a better score and beat your previous record score.

The first level to me is as addictive as games like Donkey Kong. Like some times I get killed right off, so I am like, I can do better, so I play again and again trying to not die in the first level. I can beat the level like one out of so many times. but do often die. And then one can score better, so even if you make it through the level, you may want to try for a better score.



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